Matthew Wong Catalogue Raisonne Project

The Matthew Wong Foundation has established the Matthew Wong Catalogue Raisonne Project to move forward with the preparation of a catalogue raisonné of the paintings and works on paper created by the artist Matthew Wong. To provide the Project with information about a painting or work on paper that you own and believe to be by Matthew Wong, the Project invites you to fill out and send this submission form to

Only the work’s owner, or an authorized representative of the work’s owner, may make a submission to the Project and to sign the submission form. The Project shall hold all information in confidence and shall not share it with any third party without the owner’s prior written consent.

There is no guarantee that the submission of a work will result in its inclusion in the prospective catalogue raisonné. The Project shall have sole discretion over whether or not to make a determination whether to include or exclude a work in the catalogue. In developing its opinion, the Project will consider the information you provide, as well as other information from other sources which the Project believes to be appropriate in the circumstances.

Each submission will be governed by the attached Conditions of Submission which are incorporated into this Agreement by reference.